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We are using Solidworks Premium edition, because it allows us to create 3D models, drawings and do different analysis within few hours. It is very convenient and simple source of working with hundreds of capabilities.

We have 2 strong engineers, that have 7th grade of engineering, as well as 7 more engineers in other companies, that are working on our projects. We have engineering experience in food industry, locomotives, automation systems (parking systems), low- and high-voltage electrical systems and more.

We are official distributors of gearboxes Wikov. These are extremely reliable gearboxes, with lifetime warranty (*if bearings and other components get proper service according to technical documentation). They can provide gearboxes up to 120T weight, the maximum D of the gear is 2800mm. Lately they have introduced new method of mounting the shaft, where shaft is mounted only on one side of gearbox. This increases lifetime of the gearbox, and also makes it almost immortal to vibrations.

Yes! This is our goal for the next few years.

It depends on the project’s complexity and technical exercise. Usually we show our client our thoughts on the project – “how it can be done”, then we create a 3D model of it, make FEM-analysis (*if our client wants it) and create the drawings.

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