Wikov company has been manufacturing gears and mechanical gearboxes for the past 100 years. Their product is innovative, efficient and reliable and can used in many industrial spheres. They also provide customized individual solution for any type of system.

Why should you choose Wikov?

-Production of hobbed gears with external gearing up to 3,500 in diameter; with internal gearing up to 2,400 mm in diameter.

-Production of profile ground gears with external or internal gearing up to 2,800 mm in diameter.

-Production of spiral bevel gears Klingelnberg up to 1,150 mm in diameter.

-Production of shafts up to 940 mm in diameter and 3,800 mm of length (3,000 mm for grinding).

-Machining of housing parts in axes X × Y × Z up to 12,000 x 3,600 x 1,600 (1,900) mm.

-Production of flanged parts up to 3,300 (5,000) mm in diameter and 2,900 (2,000) mm of length.

Gearboxes for special applications