2D and 3D modelling

We have experience in creating different automated systems. These usually consist of programmable controller (for example Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200), that operates the system, and system itself – motors, sensors, mechanical parts and others. For example on the picture above you can see automated parking system with moving elements. (Screen is captured from Solidworks).

FEM or stress analysis

Whenever we create a 3D model, afterwards we control it by FEM-analysis. This allows us to be sure, that real product will be guaranteed strong and without any stress on it. Usually it can save up to 20% on budget, when creating a prototype, saving up on materials and working hours. On the picture above you can see strength-analysis of the frame, that got weight-optimized. Final product has no useless material on it, what sometimes is leads to the best results.

Visualization of movements

We can create assemblies of moving components, such as wheels, moving platforms, lifts, actuators, hydraulic cylinders and more and visualize it’s movement. For example on Pictures above you can see, how the profile is getting lifted up and down with hydraulic cylinders. (*Please note, that Solidworks can visualize only simple movements, it cannot create working circles).

Drawings for production

After creating the 3D model, we move on to the drawings. We divide them by separate parts, as well as assembly drawings. All weldments are shown according to the ISO 13920 standard, as well as drawings will have only useful information. For example, above you can see drawing.

Electrical/hydraulic drawings

We have experience in creating electrical circuits as well as comply big projects. We work with low-, as well as high-voltage systems, up to 480V. Systems can be created both for EU standard voltage (12V; 24V; 48V; 230V; 380V for the 3-phase systems), as well as American standard voltage (24V, 110V, 230V, 480V for the 3-phase systems). On the picture above you can see electrical drawing, where is shown power connection of electrical components to the controller.